Introduction to N@MSIS

The NATO @lectronic Materiel Support Information System (N@MSIS) is the on-line business portal for electronic Materiel Support Services.

N@MSIS extends the capability of the NATO @lectronic Materiel Support Automated System (N@MSAS) and allows users from armed forces, international organizations and industry to manage orders through their "life cycle", from price list and order placement up to invoicing, using internet/web technology.

N@MSIS is a user-friendly portal application based on proven technologies and is currently in operation for the NH90 and Tiger helicopters.

Access to N@MSIS is secure and is limited to authorized users.

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  • If you are repeatedly denied access, contact the N@MSIS HelpDesk.

N@MSIS HelpDesk

For any question related to N@MSIS, please contact:
NSPA, NATO Support and Procurement Agency    Telephone:  +352 3063 6666
N@MSIS HelpDesk        +352 3063 6667
L-8302 Capellen    Fax:  +352 3063 4429
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg    Email: